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Student Exchange Program

This program is designed to facilitate communication between traditionally isolated research groups and to foster broader educational opportunities to students. Undergraduate and graduate students with research activities under the supervision of Deep Fin participants will be able to experience new research environments, not available to them at their home institutions. For example, a student working in a molecular systematics lab could acquire hands-on experience in morphological analysis of living or fossil fishes (and vice versa). The goal is to help lower existing barriers between traditionally isolated disciplines by raising a new generation of scientists with broad academic training experiences.

Student Exchange Opportunity

Dear Colleagues:

One of the goals of the Deepfin Project (RCN grant funded by the National Science Foundation, PI: Guillermo Orti) is to train undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students in systematic ichthyology. This training will be designed as an exchange program where students will visit participating ichthyology laboratories to learn for example, molecular techniques, fish morphology and fish development. Stipends will be given to participating students to cover travel and room and board.

If you, and your institution, are interested in participating in this student exchange program please answer the questions below and email your responses to me: Terry Grande, Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Researcher’s Name and Institution:

1. The type of training that can be provided (e.g., morphological, paleontology, molecular):

2. Desired level of participation (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, all levels):

3. When you would want to participate (e.g., during the academic year, summer):

4. Time frame in which you wish to participate (e.g., next academic year, any time within the next two years, any time within the duration of the Deepfin project):

5. Can your institutional provide matching funds? Matching funds, possibly targeting undergraduates or underrepresented students, could supplement Deepfin stipends and extend the duration of the training period, now set for up to three months.

6. Any additional comments or suggestions:

Training Opportunities in Ichthyology

1) Ichthyology Course offered at Shoals Marine Laboratory

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Collette

Flash - a few openings are left in Bruce Collette's fish course! From June 13 to June 27, Bruce will teach an intensive lecture, laboratory and field course "The Diversity of Fishes" at Shoal Marine Laboratory (SML) on Appledore Island in the Gulf of Maine. This 4-credit course is intended for undergraduate and early graduate students seriously interested in ichthyology, systematics, comparative anatomy and marine science. Students are expected to have background in general zoology or comparative anatomy. SML is jointly operated by Cornell and the University of New Hampshire, and substantial scholarship assistance is available. For additional information and application materials, please go to:

For questions financial aid related to Bruce's course please contact Willy Bemis ( or and Laurie Johnson (

2) Alabama Fish Rodeo

July 14-18 or longer on either end if students want to be there for the full experience! Contact Willy Bemis for details at: or

3) Stones and Bones: Paleontology Field School in Wyoming (Green River Formation)

Instructor: Dr. Lance Grande (Field Museum of Natural History)
Course offered through The University of Chicago, Summer Session 2005
Formal class sessions given at Field Museum; June 20 – 26
Field work in the Green River: June 27 – July 12
Contact Lance Grande for details:

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