Phylogeny of All Fishes
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DeepFin is a research coordination network of systematic ichthyologists and biologists with expertise in the analysis of fish biodiversity, seeking to integrate knowledge of morphology, paleontology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. Our ultimate goal is to establish the phylogenetic tree of all fishes, to decipher their evolutionary relationships, and build a phylogentic classification. Our work has been partially funded by the USA National Science Foundation (grants DEB-0732838, DEB-1019398, DEB-0443470, DEB-1004765).

New Tree of Life and a Revised Classification of Bony Fishes (version 2)

Phylogeny of major groups of bony fishes. Terminal clades are either orders or supra ordinal taxa, colored according to their extant species diversity. Values in parentheses indicate total number of orders, total number of families, and (for the botom three clades) the number of families that cannot be placed in any order at this time (insertae sedis families).

ETOL researchers produced the first comprehensive phylogeny of fishes based on DNA sequence data from 21 genes for 1416 species (representing 366 out of a total of 498 bony fish families; Betancur-R et al 2013, PLoS Currents Tree of Life). Adding recently published sequences for 165 new taxa to this database, a new phylogeny for 1591 taxa is now available. We here present a revised clasification (version 2) based on this (currently) unpublished results that adds and ca. 25 families not examined in version1 and other changes. The backbone of the tree of life of all fishes with major clades labeled is shown in the figure above.

Molecular Markers for Fish Phylogenetics
What gene should I use for my study? Go to the DeepFin wiki to find out! Or to contribute information (if you are a member) about your favorite marker...

Also see PHYLOMARKER and EvolMarkers online tool to search for more markers mining public data bases


Classification version 2

Paleobiology Database is using the new classification

New MegaTree of Fishes and a NEW Classification

Multilocus phylogeny reveals pattern and tempo of bony fish evolution

New nuclear markers and exploration of the relationships among Serraniformes

New fish clade: Ovalentaria

Increased resolution for ray-finned fish phylogeny

New genes for fish phylogenetic studies




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